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December 2018 Newsletter

New Website and Historical Documentary Collection Now Available in Three New Series

As 2018 comes to a close, Old Segundo Productions has launched a new website that brings a collection of seventeen historical documentary films to the public with seven more dramatic films on the way.  New trailers are appearing for each new film that will give you a sneak preview of what is in the film and some glimpses of ordinary Americans who did extraordinary things for our nation.

“These are no ordinary documentary films. They contain the heart and soul of the people who lived the history.”

The documentary films have been organized into three film series:  The Air War Series, the American West Series, and the Military History Series.  Seventeen films in these three series are ready for immediate shipment.  All films are offered with free shipping.  

Target Japan Coming Soon

Target Japan: The 509th Composite Group and the Beginning of the Atomic Age, 58 minutes, release scheduled for late 2020 or early 2021. 

Work is underway for a new documentary film on the 509th Composite Group and the atomic missions to Japan. This new film will add much to what we know about the atomic project, especially the ordinary people who worked behind the scenes to end the war in the Pacific. Research and writing is scheduled to begin in late 2019 and production will begin in 2020.

History of Old Segundo Productions

In 2002, military historian Vernon L. Williams established the East Anglia Air War Project, with the goal of preserving the memory and history of community in wartime England, in particular, the community established between the American airmen who came in large numbers, beginning in 1942, and the British families who lived in rural England near and around the American bomber and fighter bases. The project focused on the agricultural areas north and northwest of London where large numbers of American air bases were established among the farming villages and towns that stretch from Norwich on the east to Kettering to the west of Cambridge. The target interview audience included American aircrews and ground personnel stationed in the Eighth and Ninth Air Forces and British family members who were children or young adults during World War II. The underlying oral history methodology relied heavily on an archival research design and a literature review of a growing historiography of secondary works, memoirs, and unit histories.

From these beginnings, a new series of historical documentary films have been produced that rely on a considerable research underpinning and the overwhelming oral history collection of people who witnessed the history of the air war first hand. To the first group of films in the Air War Series, two new series of documentaries appear in this catalog for the first time: The Military History Series and the History of the American West Series.

Old Primero Appears in the American West Series

Colorado, Fuel, & Iron Company (CF&I) began construction of Primero, Colorado in 1901. Primero was positioned about 15 miles west of Trinidad, Colorado at the site of the most promising coal deposits in the region. While CF&I built other towns and opened other mines, Primero quickly proved to be the wealth producer that company officials had hoped for. During the first twenty years, Primero set new production records as coal miners and their families struggled to survive in the hostile environment of coal country.

In the 1920s coal production fell off markedly, and in 1928, the company closed the town and the mines down for good. For a quarter century, thousands of citizens had lived and worked in Primero. In 1913-14 miners struck against the company and suffered through one of the most severe winters in Colorado history. In the good years John D. Rockefeller, Jr. built churches, a clinic, schools, a band stand, and supported other community activities. In the end, the mines played out and the people moved on. This film is an important look at working families and the human drama that played out in the canyons of southern Colorado during the first quarter century of America’s emerging modern era. 

Length 71 minutes

Historic Photograph Prints from Old Segundo's Production Files Now Available

 Over the last thirty years of historical research and oral history interviewing, historian, director Vernon L. Williams has collected an immense archive of historic color and black & white photographs that cover many areas of military and American history topics. Many of these were collections assembled in support of Williams’ films and books. Now for the first time, collectors can purchase archival prints of many of these images online. As 2018 closes, a select inventory have been uploaded for sale on Old Segundo’s website. Each month hundreds of additional images will be added to the webstore. The monthly newsletter will contain news about the growing inventory. Subscribe to the free newsletter online and check back often to the newly uploaded inventory of photographs.

You can order prints in several sizes.  These historic photographs often were exposed in odd or irregular sizes, and they are printed on paper in five sizes:  8X10, 11X14, 16X20, 20X24, and 24X36.  The size of the margins and borders are determined by the actual size of the original exposure.

More images will be uploaded every month from the thousands that Old Segundo Productions has collected over the last quarter century in support of our documentary film work.  So check back to our historic prints section on our website to see what is available.

Our giclée prints use archival quality pigment inks on archival paper designed to last over 100 years. We ship orders in strong corrugated boxes, with prints packaged with a sheet of flat, heavy cardboard for protection.

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  1. Rebekah Hedstrom

    You should do a film on the 100th Bomb Group in England. They were known as the “Bloody Hundredth”. Today, we are known as the 100th Air Refueling Wing and are based at RAF Mildenhall. We are the only operational wing who is allowed to still use its WWII marking of “Square D” on our tails. We also are authorized nose art. There is a lot of history to be discovered and documented!

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