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Wethersfield at War


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From World War II to the Cold War:  An Essex Story of Service, Determination, and the Anglo-American Spirit

RAF Wethersfield is a significant place, an important airfield during World War II where its service to Britain and the United States stretched on into the future for the duration of the Cold War.

With hundreds of old airfields and ruins scattered across East Anglia and west into the Midlands, RAF Wethersfield remains unique with runways and buildings standing testament to generations of Americans and their commitment to the British and the American people.

Today no light wartime bombers are heard along the runways or jet fighters streaking across the skies, but the lingering memory of pilots, ground crew, and countless thousands of others remain in the hearts and minds of the British people today.

Since the early 1950s, thousands of American families came to live at RAF Wethersfield and the surrounding communities.  It proved to be a special time, a special place, never to be forgotten.

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WWII Wethersfield began a half century of service to Britain, the United States, and the free world .  The history that played out at RAF Wethersfield and the surrounding communities stretches from 1941  and  across the twentieth century.  That history defines the people who grew up there, those who lived out their lives there, and those who came to serve there.

RAF Wethersfield has a unique heritage that demonstrates the Anglo-American spirit across generations of Essex communities, military families, and RAF and U.S. air and ground forces.

Today the airfield is consecrated ground, a place from which many made the ultimate sacrifice, a place of remembrance for generations who made a difference in the world.  Many of the buildings remain scattered across this pleasant meadow land.  History lingers here and whispers to us of a time when courage and valor played out from this place.

The runways stretch far into the distance and stand as silent reminders of a time when the future of the world was held in the balance, when stalwart men and women answered the call to serve something larger than themselves. This is their story.


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