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American Military History Series

The Military History Series currently includes three documentary films on three distinct eras in American military history. One film, Patton and Pancho, explores the 1916 conflict between Mexico and the United States as the American Army under Brigadier John J. Pershing enters Mexico, chasing Pancho Villa after the attack on Columbus, New Mexico. The film includes never before seen archival film footage and historic photographs as the story of the Punitive Expedition unfolds on the eve of America’s entry into WWI.

Empire Marine follows the story of empire as Littleton W.T. Waller begins his career in the U.S. Marines that placed him at the spearpoint of U.S. imperialism during the forty years before WWI. His ports of call included actions in Eygpt, Cuba, the Philippines, China, Panama, Haiti, and cruising the globe showing the American flag in distant places.

The third documentary offers a unique perspective on the continuing conflict between North Korea and the United States in the 1960s. The 8th Army Band and the men who served in the band in Seoul in 1967-1968 tell their stories of service during a time of tension and hostility. Their experiences moved beyond those of other soldiers, as their music became their passport to a much broader community in South Korea.

Three additional film projects on military history are in pre-production and are forthcoming. Each film in this series will bring stories based on a combination of never-before seen personal interviews, letters, diaries, archival records, historic photographs, and footage of military history.

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