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From Dublin to Madison Square Garden


Everett Colborn and the World Championship Rodeo, 1937-1959

New remastered version available Monday, September 4, 2023.  The film will be remastered for widescreen, with new graphics, and newly enhanced footage and content, in essence a new film.  Pre-korder today!

The Turtles and the Boston cowboy strike in 1936 created conditions where Col. Johnson sold his rodeo and the Dublin Rodeo was born.

Everett Colborn leased the Lightning C Ranch outside Dublin, and it became the base of operations for the World Championship Rodeo in 1937.

Gene Autry was a frequent star for the World Championship Rodeo and bought into the show, and for many years, he was a partner and a star.

Tad and Mitzi Lucas became a mother and daughter trick rider act.

Santa Fe’s Rodeo Train departed Dublin each year for Madison Square Garden.

The Colborn Bowl opened in Dublin in 1945 and for the next 15 years was home to the Dublin Rodeo.


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This film traces the story of the Dublin World Championship Rodeo from the early boyhood days of Everett Colborn’s upbringing in Idaho to the heady days of Dublin’s Lightning C Ranch, the Dublin Rodeo, and the Rodeo Train to Madison Square Garden and Boston Garden in the northeast. From 1937 to 1959, the heart of America’s rodeo country was Dublin, Texas. This documentary provides an exciting look at the human story of rodeo and living the western life in America during the first half of the twentieth century.

Length 58 minutes


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