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Dry Gulcher Down


A B-17’s Fie1y End Over Shalford Village

Individual air crew training and how an air crew is organized and assembled during the early years as they prepare for combat in Europe

Ten men, from different parts of the nation arrive in England and begin life during combat

Who were these men of the Cupernaull crew, where did they come from, and how did they settle into life at Ridgewell?

Memories of the crew on the day the Dry Gulcher went down over Shalford Village

British families remember the day that the B-17 came over Shalford Village on fire

An extraordinary human story of the Dry Gulcher, the men who flew her, and the drama that played out over a pleasant English village

“So, as I put my chest chute on and turned around and looked, I saw that the cables were sagging over the door there, about six inches or more, I lifted them out of the way and I left the ship.”

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A Newly Remastered Widescreen version of this film was released in late 2021. New graphics, newly digitized combat footage from government archives, and a widescreen format brings the Dry Gulcher story to life in a new and exciting way.

Dry Gulcher Down follows the story of ten men who grew up in Depression America and found themselves aboard the ill-fated B-17, bound for the Luftwaffe research facilities at Peenemunde. They never made it. The documentary traces the life stories of the crew of aircraft number 42-97594 of the 381st Bomber Group (H) flying out of Ridgewell, England. On August 4, 1944 the aircraft caught fire after takeoff and plunged to a fiery end not far away. At the controls was famed television director Irving Moore, who remained in the cockpit until it was almost too late. Nine crew bailed out to safety. Only the tail gunner, S/Sgt Harold Norris went down with the plane. A unique look at the men who spearheaded the air war against Germany and the price they had to pay. At the heart of this documentary are the events over Shalford Village that day, and the people who watched the tragedy unfold–a British mother and son who saw the Dry Gulcher approch their home on fire, Captain Frederick Hawkins who was aboard the aircraft, and 1st Lieutenant James Grey who watched the fire break out on the Dry Gulcher, from his vantage point in another B-17 above the crippled flying fortress. For the first time, we know what happened to the Dry Gulcher, and the events that led up to that fateful day.

Length 58 minutes


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