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Target for Today


A Newly Remastered Digital Presentation from the Original Film Stock

A typical mission laid out by an Army Air Corps film crew, that was designed to be shown in movie theaters to the American public.

Traces the air crew from wake up call and early morning routine and breakfast.

Demonstrates what the ground crew does in the early morning hours as they prepare the aircraft for the mission.

Shows the actual briefing as various bomb group crews across East Anglia receive mission details.

Shows the actual briefing as various bomb group crews across East Anglia receive mission details.

Takes the audience on an actual mission over Europe.

This is a typical public relations film designed to inform the public how the air war is carried out and the risks that are taken every day.

“In dispersal areas, ground crews are getting their planes in condition to fly their mission. The normal work for keeping an airplane fit for operation is enormous, even in peacetime. When you add to this already great job, the element of battle damage, the problem becomes gigantic.”

Ships to Canada and the United States only–free shipping on all orders. 

Coming soon for all countries worldwide, a rental and purchase online digital site.  Contact Old Segundo Productions for more details.

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Now for the first time Target for Today is available in a remastered DVD produced from the original film stock in the National Archives. Our digital artists have spent countless hours repairing and producing a new version of the World War II epic. Using the newest technology, Old Segundo has produced a version of Target for Today that is sharper and closer to the original than ever before. The clarity of the video and audio combine to bring back the drama of an Eighth Air Force mission, directed by William Keighley and his film crew in 1943 at bases across East Anglia and in combat over Europe. The film was released to American theaters in 1944.

Length 92 minutes


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