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Thurleigh at War


Bedfordshire and the Anglo-American Struggle for Victory in World War II

The beginning of the war for England and the Prime Minister speaks to the nation about what is ahead.

Memories of the German air attacks and of London buring night after night.

The Women’s Land Army and seven women’s experiences on the farms and the lives that they lived in wartime Bedfordshire.

Evacuation of the children from the cities to the rural countryside.

Glenn Miller brought the glamour and the excitement of the big band to Britain and along with it came the jitterbug.

Memories of D-Day and the beginning of the end had come.

“During the war the men at Thurleigh in the 306th Bomb Group decided they wanted to host an orphan from London as their mascot. They wanted a young boy, but when they approached an orphanage with their request, they were informed that only girls were available. Undaunted by this problem, they selected Maureen Eason, nicknamed Sweet Pea by her new Yank friends.”

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In September 1939 Hitler invaded Poland and triggered World War II in Europe. The British gathered around their radios as they listened to the Prime Minister tell them that Britain was at war with Germany. In Bedford and throughout the surrounding villages and towns of Bedfordshire, British families listened soberly as the news sank in. Bedfordshire mobilized to do her part in those dark days leading to the Battle of Britain and Dunkirk, with the threat of invasion always present as each day brought renewed crisis. Soon the Yanks would come to Bedfordshire and, together with their British neighbors, they would fight the air war from those pleasant meadowlands spread across the countryside. This is the story of British families and young Americans in Bedfordshire who joined together in the struggle for victory in World War II.


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