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Hell’s Angels


The 303rd Bomb Group (H) in the Battle for Europe

Training in the United States, how a bomb group is organized, and follow the training necessary to prepare for combat in Europe.

Living conditions at Molesworth, England and routine life during combat.

A look at combat missions with ground crews working through the night and the rigors of combat over occuppied Europe.

British children and the Yanks, Clark Gable, and the lighter side of war.

Big Week, D-Day, and the coming of air supremacy in the skies over Europe.

The Royal family at Molesworth and the legacy of the 303rd Bomb Group.

“The Regensburg group had already bombed their target and were on their way to North Africa. The German fighters were transferred back to the Schweinfurt route, and we got hit pretty heavily.”


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The first ground and air elements of the 303rd Bomb Group arrived at Molesworth, England in October 1942–in time to begin air operations during the early stages of the Eighth Air Force’s campaign against Germany. High losses and the lack of fighter cover made the Hell’s Angels’ early missions a treacherous prelude for one of the most successful bomb groups in the Eighth Air Force.

This documentary traces the group’s early training in the United States and documents the remarkable record the group compiled on the air front against Germany. The film includes valuable eye witness accounts taken from the extraordinary oral history interviews recorded by the East Anglia Air War Project over two decades. Many of these air crews and ground personnel tell us their stories with clarity and drama as they take us back to their air war against Germany. With astonishing archival footage that brings the story of the Hell’s Angels back to life, this story of the air war delivers a new dimension to the American experience in World War II.

Length 58 minutes


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