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Liberators Over East Anglia


The Second Air Division in World War II

The Second Air Division was the only division in the Eighth Air Force to use B-24 Liberator heavy bombers from bases in England.

There were fourteen Liberator bomb groups in the Second Air Division.

Living conditions, Niesen huts, and life across the Second Air Division in East Anglia during the war.

Flak, fighter opposition, and tense missions over occupied Europe.

Jimmy Stuart and his leadership during the worst of times in the Second Air Division.

The Kasel mission, night of the intruders, and other mission stories from air crews who lived to tell about it.

“We went back to targets that we had already destroyed once, but they had rebuilt them. They had millions of slave labor so they would use them to rebuild whatever we had knocked out. But they ran out of time, they ran out of fuel, they ran out of ballbearings.”


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The Second Air Division began operations in England with the arrival of the 93rd Bomb Group in 1942. Soon more B-24 bomb groups arrived as the Second Air Division began to establish its credentials at Ploesti and in the air war across German-held Europe. This documentary traces the story of the fourteen Liberator bomb groups in the Second Air Division. During the war the Liberators made their mark upon history, and today the victory won in the skies over Europe remains a significant part of the legacy left behind by the men of the Second Air Division.

Personal interviews, newly discovered photographs and archival footage tell the story of the Liberators and the men who flew them. A unique look back at life on their bases, their British neighbors, and the mission history of the Second Air Division in World War II.

Length 58 minutes


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