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The 401st Bomb Group (H) and the Quest for Peace, 1943-1945

Training in the United States and soon the bomb group begins movement to Deenethorpe and combat on the air front.

Living conditions at Deenethorpe was difficult at first for the Yanks as the 401st begins operations.

From the earliest days at Deenethorpe, the men of the 401st had a special relationship with the children and their families in the villages and towns nearby.

Changes in mission success as new long-range fighter escorts bring protection for bombers all the way to target.

Changes in mission success as new long-range fighter escorts bring protection for bombers all the way to target.

“Those Model F’s that first arrived, had no protective gun stations in the waist, but there was just open windows with minus 60 degree weather coming in. They had no chin turret on board so fighter attacks from 12 o’clock was devastating. . .”


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Deenethorpe traces the story of the 401st Bomb Group (H) from activation and training in the United States to combat operations in the European Theater of Operations during World War II. Based at Deenethorpe, west of Cambridge in wartime England, the men of the 401st took the war to Germany. During combat operations, the 401st flew 254 missions and compiled the best bombing accuracy record for all B-17 bomb groups in the Eighth Air Force.

Together with British families in the surrounding villages and towns, these young Americans shared a common commitment to defeat the Nazi threat to mother England and free peoples everywhere. A unique look at the men who spearheaded the air war against Germany and the price that they had to pay.

Length 58 minutes


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